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Hifi Forum Michael Preul

Karlstr. 23, D-66125 Saabruecken - Dudweiler / Herrensohr

Tel.: +49-6897-9661130, Email:,

Founded in 1982 in Saarbrücken, the Hifi Forum Michael Preul has managed to rapidly build itself an excellent overregional reputation.

The company’s owner, Michael Preul, music lover and trained technician, fluently speaks German and French, a real advantage considering the proximity to the French and Luxembourgian borders. And because he could make his hobby and passion to a flourishing business, fun and enthusiasm are always at present. Last fact and the solid competence of the whole Hifi Forum Michael Preul team have made the company’s name well-known by electronic producers and loudspeaker constructors in Germany and neighbour countries. The Hifi Forum Michael Preul often cooperates on the development of prototypes and innovative constructions, when our experience is asked for and needed.

The studio: excellent audiophile listening rooms, first class products

Four first choice listening rooms, measuring between 20 and 120 squaremeters, are waiting for you. Here you will find the broad programm of high quality hifi equipment. In fact, we can show you a panel of over 30 loudspeakers, which can be connected to over of 100 amplifier/source combinations. It’s you’re option to compare, and you’ll hear the difference immediately.

We always have a look on that the components of our representative first class trademarks intelligently harmonie with each other. The decision to offer a product as a part of our selection results from a demanding process which considers the aspects of quality, respectability, musicality and value for money.

The concept: an exquisite counselling

Besides the company owner Michael Preul, there are 3 junior counsellors at your service who are constantly expanding their knowledge. Each of them has his own musical area of expertise, and many hours of listening on the different audiophile furnishings have made them equally keen-eared 

The core of our concerns are the wishes and needs of the customer. This is the impetus for everything we do, with the sole reason to assure the satisfaction of our customers.

Activities: listening meetings

The audiophile listening meetings take place in the auditorium of the Hifi Forum Michael Preul. The purpose is to show a certain Hifi combination reproducing a selected="true" music program. Many hifi fans and music lovers are regularly attending these impressive demonstrations.

HiFi, High-End, Multichannel and Multiroom

Generally, the quality of a hifi combination is judged by the fact of how they sound like. Bass, treble expansion and dynamics are the common concepts which are often used to get closer to the phenomenon of high quality music reproduction.

Alas, the real music lover thinks differently: the expression “High-End” in our definition of the word defines hifi, whose performance reproduces as truely as possible the sound of the original recording (for example that of a big symphony orchestra) with regard to emotional participation of the listener and acoustic precision.

A hifi system that fulfils these criteria does not just “sound”, it reproduces, and its performance becomes more than just an acoustical representation of the original, it emotionally involves the listener.

Today’s audio formats SACD and DVD-Audio make it possible to set up multichannel-systems with excellent sound quality. The universal DVD-format which permits the combination of picture and sound, definitely shapes the future of music reproduction. To put it in a nutshell, the HiFi Forum Michael Preul offers a great spectrum of exquisite stereo, multichannel and multiroom equipment.

The definition of service! Before and after purchase, of course.

To guarantee your satisfaction already before a purchase, Michael Preul and his team recommend you to install the equipment at your home first, in order to take the acoustic parameters of your room into consideration. You won’t be dissapointed!

Of course, after sale, you can rely on quick and professional technical aid in the unlikely event that you unfortunately need it. Just contact us!

We deliver and install every item purchased at our store. Our “complete service” also includes trade-ins and lowcost credits and repairs. Are you looking for a speacial second-hand product, be it hifi equipment or vinyl discs? We are happy to find it for you!

Customer structure.

Our customer spectrum is a reflection of our equipment diversity. Music-interested listeners, the audiophile, and the engaged hifi fan alike, all our customers value the quality and carefulness of our advice. What makes our customers so special, is the shared philosophy of listening to the pure music, which declines any sonic manipulation and untruthfulness.

Hifi Forum Michael Preul, créateur d’émotions.


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  • Hifi Forum Michael Preul, chosen best HiFi and High End Studio of Saarland by the lecturers of the magazine “Audio”
  • Hi Fi Forum Michael Preul, Premium Dealer of the magazine “Stereo”
  • Hi Fi Forum Michael Preul, TOP Dealer of Audio and Stereoplay magazines