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02.01.2021, 13:14 Uhr

Today, ARCAM unveiled the ST60, a launch that marks the Cambridge maker’s debut dedicated network player. Enabling audio streaming from all of the major services – including Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Spotify and TIDAL – the ST60 is the perfect companion to any stereo amplifier, including one of from ARCAM’s own HDA series of award-winning two-channel audio engines.

The ST60 delivers the absolute best experience from your digital musicworking with Air Play2 and Google Cast.  It fully decodes MQA, is Roon Ready and handles UPnP sources. Under the bonnet, the ARCAM engineering team deploys the ESS9038 32-bit/192kHz stereo DAC. From the impressive ESS SABRE DAC line – widely recognized as the gold standard for audiophile DACs – as well as MQA, the ST60 supports AIFF, ALAC, FLAC and WAV along with compressed legacy formats. The ST60 will also deliver full IP & RS232 control, including Control4 and Crestron, making it the latest go-to ARCAM model for custom install blueprints.

Connectivity is thorough. Digital interfaces comprise Ethernet, USB, and Wireless, and the ST60 package includes dual Wi-Fi antennae. The ST60 rear panel hosts Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA analogue outputs, plus coaxial and optical digital outputs, giving users a comprehensive choice of paths, with which to connect their ARCAM streamer to their chosen amplification.

Controlling the ST60 is effortless. Google Chrome Cast enables streaming from Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Mac, Windows and Chromebooks, while AirPlay2-compatibility delivers full support of Apple’s latest version of its wireless streaming protocol. The ST60 remote control places further jurisdiction into the user’s hands and ARCAM’s MusicLife app, enabling control of music stored on supported devices and network drives, is free to download from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

“ARCAM’s experience with digital audio goes deep,” said Nick Clarke, Senior Director, Global Engineering Luxury Audio. “We have been making CD players for almost 30 years, and ST60 design journey saw the team apply this extensive experience into creating a truly high-performance digital music source. Of course, ARCAM is also rightly recognised for its excellence with amplification and the ST60 is the perfect partner for our amplifiers, old and new.” 


ARCAM Introduces the ST60, its First High-Performance Music Streamer


15.12.2020, 15:56 Uhr

From December 10th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021 I will be available for you as follows. 

Tel. 0049- (0) 6897-9661130

Cell. 0049- (0) 172-6800245 


Advice by phone and email. 

The ordered products can be picked up and home deliveries are even better. Just by appointment, please.


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, all the best for 2021 and stay healthy. 

Michael Preul with his team.

The HiFi Forum Michael Preul is moving

29.08.2020, 12:57 Uhr

After 38 years in the heart of Saarbrücken, I am moving to 66125 Saarbrücken - Dudweiler,

Karlstrasse 23. I look forward to seeing you from October 1st, 2020.

Concept change. Instead of fixed opening times, I will provide advice, service and installations

only offer by appointment. For the first time with a single storey shop in a quiet location and parking spaces from the front door.

Well-known manufacturers follow me: Acoustic Energy, Arcam, Avalon Acoustic, Bridge Audio, Cardas, Esoteric Audio, Hegel, InAkustik, Jeff Rowland Design Group, KEF, Rega, Transparent, Verity Audio, Accessories and many more.

Over 25,000 records await you, both used and new. records that are not in stock will be ordered and shipped on request.


Hifi Forum Michael Preul, Karlstr. 23, D-66125 Saarbrücken, Tel. + Fax 0049-6897-9661130,



Special prices in case of moving.


Finite Elemente Spider 90.6, Schwarz - Alu, NP 1250,00 nun 490,00


Linn Majik LP 12 + Lingo 3, Kirsche - silber, NP 5200,00 nun 2600,00

Linn Akurate Kontrol, NP 5500,00 nun 2750,00

Linn C 4100, silber, NP 3200,00 nun 1598,00

Linn Unidisc SC + AV 5125, silber NP 7750,00 nun 1498,00


Creaktiv Trend 3 - 4, Ahorn - Alu, 8 Schubladen, NP 1800,00 nun 600,00

Creaktiv Trend 3 - 4, Ahorn - Alu, 6 Türen, NP 1450,00 nun 480,00

Creaktiv Trend 3 - 4, Kirsche - Schwarz, 2 Türen, Sonderanfertigung,NP 1800,00 nun 600,00


Rega RP 10, Schwarz, ohne Tonabnehmersystem, NP 4200,00 nun 2990,00


VPI Scout mit JMW9, ohne Tonabnehmersystem, NP 3000,00 nun 2190,00


Verity Audio Leonore, Lack schwarz, NP 16000,00 nun 9990,00

Verity Audio Finn, Lack weiß, NP 9000,00 nun 6990,00


Esoteric Audio K-07X, NP 6000,00 nun 4290,00


Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Line, Alu, NP 540,00 nun 3990,00

Jeff Rowland 525, Alu, NP 6250,00 nun 4490,00


Avalon NP Evolution 2.0, NP 3850,00 nun 2490,00

Avalon Transcendent, Nußbaum, NP 27000,00 nun 17900,00

Avalon Isis, Vogelaugenahorn, NP 130000,00 on request (NOS)


DCS Scarlatti Quartett, silber, NP 75000,00 on request


Hovland Stratos (KA), NP 45000,00 nun 29850,00 (NOS)