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Stereo package on the month 02.2020

07.02.2020, 13:33 Uhr

consisting of the CD streamer Arcam CDS-50 , the Arcam SA-10 integrated amplifier and the Acoustic Energy AE 309 floorstanding speakers.

Package price: 2998.00 Incl. VAT.

Arcam available in black, AE in black lacquer, white lacquer and in walnut.



31.01.2020, 16:16 Uhr

First listening experience: FUNTASTIC


The design of the HDA range draws upon all of Arcam’s experience as one of the UK’s most respected audio companies, to produce Arcam’s best performing range of audio products yet – using the best quality components and engineering practices, the HDA range is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment.

  • Class G amplification for impeccable sound and efficiency
  • 120W of power per channel into 8Ω, 220W into 4Ω
  • 5 analogue inputs including switchable MM/MC PHONO input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 ARC input
  • GoogleCast, AirPlay 2, uPnP Streamer
  • Roon endpoint
  • MQA supported
  • 3 Dirac EQ profiles (input assignable)
  • 32-bit DAC,Sabre ESS9038K2M
  • Full I/P control including Control4 and Crestron
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.002%

       Price: € 2398,00 inkl. VAT (Retailer price





08.06.2019, 11:39 Uhr

From 03/18/2020, 10:00 the call number change is active, you can reach me on the usual number 0049-681-3908511, of course also by email,

Heavy product groups can be picked up or delivered in the underground garage of the theater, parking space 230, my service vehicle, blue MB Vito is available. You call me, am

then on the spot 5 minutes later. As usual, a pick-up and drop-off service is in use.


The HiFi Forum Michael Preul has always held the concept of SERVICE high since it was founded in 1982. Even in difficult times, I don't want to leave my highly esteemed customers alone.

If the Prophet is not allowed to go to the mountain, the mountain comes to the Prophet. Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. home visits are requested in advance.



10.12.2018, 14:50 Uhr

Give your music the space it deserves. With two separate speakers, you experience music as a 3D soundstage, with pinpointed imaging and the sense of presence that one-box systems miss. It's the difference between pure listening to music and real feeling. Can be inspected. € 1198.00 incl. VAT





23.10.2018, 14:34 Uhr



In any amplifier, the signal path is at the mercy of anything that creates noise within the unit. Thus, we spare no expense in using only the most high-quality components, even if it means the cost of our power supplies overtaking that of everything else.

The result, of course, is worth every penny.

A singer’s sharp intake of breath before hitting the chorus, a guitarist’s fingers sliding against the strings – it’s those seemingly minor details that can bring music to life. Fish out one of your all-time favourite albums and play it through a Bluetooth speaker, and guess what? Its sounds like a Bluetooth speaker. Play it through the SA10, and it’s as close to hearing the artist’s performance as you’re likely to get. There’s always joy in digging out an old recording you haven’t heard in years. With the HDA range, it’ll feel like hearing it forthe first time.

  • Extremely efficient class A/B amplification
  • 50W of power per channel
  • 5 analogue inputs including phono
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 32-bit DAC,Sabre ESS9016K2M
  • Full I/P control
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.003%


There are two frequent problems with hi-fi amplifiers. Class A, the traditional audiophile’s choice, uses a single power supply constantly running at full capacity, even when there’s no signal coming through. Great for reproducing those subtle details at low levels however struggles to provide extreme power when needed.

Class A/B, the most common amp class, switches between the two internal amplifiers, one for each half of the waveform. Far more efficient but often a recipe for crossover distortion, since those low-level details we crave can get lost within any mis-match between the two switching over.

Class G is essentially a hybrid amplifier, utilising Class A specifically for low-level signals, but when required switching in an additional power supply to power those larger sections of the waveform.

  • Class G amplification for impeccable sound and efficiency
  • 80W of power per channel
  • 5 analogue inputs including phono
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 32-bit DAC,Sabre ESS9038K2M
  • Full I/P control
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.003%




23.10.2018, 14:13 Uhr

The design of the HDA range draws upon all of Arcam’s experience as one of the UK’s most respected audio companies, to produce Arcam’s best performing range of audio products yet – using the best quality components and engineering practices, the HDA range is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment.

Plays all disc formats, including SACD, CD-A, CD-R and CD-RW
Supports audio file formats including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, AAC and WMA
USB input
Superb 32-bit DAC built in
Streaming through the music life app
Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.002%
Our most advanced cd, digital audio and network streaming player yet

In a sense, digital audio doesn’t exist. You’d have to be a particularly dull superhero to possess ears that can decode the millions of 1’s and 0’s that make up your CD collection or iTunes library. Whatever the source – be it a laptop, CD player, smartphone, USB stick – the result is just a vibration in your speakers. In other words, it all winds up analogue in the end.

Arguably, when playing from a digital format, the most vital component is the DAC, or Digital to Analogue Converter. We’ll spare you the bulk of the science, but this is what translates that otherwise lifeless binary code into audible sound energy. Bit-depth, meanwhile, is a key measure of audio quality.

So, if you’re listening to a 24-bit WAV copy of your favourite album through a DAC that only converts to 16-bit, there’s a good chunk of detail going to waste right there. That’s why we’ve included 32-bit DACs on the entire HDA range – the most commonly used bit-depth in digital recording – so you’re guaranteed the full aural picture of whatever the artist intended.


New in the shop: HEGEL

29.06.2018, 11:15 Uhr

The story begins in 1988. Bent Holter - student at the Technical University in Trondheim (NTNU) decided to do a thesis under the original design of the amplifier transistor that would cure the problems of classical systems. Enemy number one - harmonic distortion. Holter somehow could not accept the fact that when we give a simple signal to the amplifier, you will get that signal plus something else - distortion produced by electronics. Fighting distortion usually meant the deterioration of other parameters, including damping factor. Holter decided to break out the classic schemes and developed a project that became the basis of what we know today as SoundEngine Technology. And where the name of the company came from? Well, after hours Bent played in a rock-metal band called The Hegel Band. When they needed amplifiers for concerts, Holter suggested building them himself. His ideas took on real shape, but it took lots of money to refine the technology. Help came from Telenor - one of the biggest players in the telecommunications industry.

The early nineties were a period of prosperity for the brand. First they ensured the patented solution known today as SoundEngine, later developed a DAC (1994) and the first CD Player (1996). Over the next eight years the company has steadily improved the product range and generated more and more profits from year to year. When the financial crisis came, most companies immediately took a defensive strategy which meant cutting costs. Norwegian designer played differently. He hired new engineers to design devices. Some time later, brand new D/A converters were born.

Today Hegel is one of the best established brands in Hi-Fi market, producing integrated, pre and power amplifiers as well as CD players and some of the most modern and sophisticated C/A converters. The SoundEngine Technology was just a start. Today there are six more original technical solutions in Hegel's portfolio. The company has dealers in 32 countries and its products are sold all over the world. Awards and press reviews speak for themselves.



12.12.2017, 17:25 Uhr

British music and sound specialists, Meters Music, has launched the new M-Ears in-ear headphones. The M-Ears’ sound performance was developed in collaboration with Adam Clayton, bass player in U2 and one of the world’s most successful and popular musicians over the last forty years.

The M-Ears are the latest addition to the Meters’ 2017 audio range – which began with the groundbreaking OV-1 headphones. The Meters Music team also trades successfully in the pro audio/musical instrument sector – in its guise as parent company, Ashdown Engineering – making bass and guitar amplifiers for many of the world’s most popular and legendary musicians such as Sir Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, System of a Down and, of course, U2. 

Speaking of his collaboration with the Meters team, Adam Clayton says, 

I love the Ashdown team’s approach to sound. I’ve been using their bass amps in the studio and on tour with U2 for years now, and the sound I get from them is superb. So, I was very happy to work with them on the development and tuning of their new ‘M-Ears’ headphones.”

The Meters team created a considerable number of samples, each tuned differently and with varying performance characteristics. Having tested them all at home and while on tour with U2, Adam Clayton picked the final version which is available now as the M-Ears. He says, “I listened to a whole range of samples they gave me for testing, and eventually chose the version now launched as the Meters M-Ears, because it had everything you want: precision, clarity and musicality.”

The M-Ears feature smart leather styling, which comes in three colours – Black, Tan and Red. They utilise magnets that clip the two earbuds together when you’re not using them. These magnets are strong enough to hang on the back of your neck while not in use, for a completely tangle-free headphones experience.

Speaking of the development of the M-Ears, Meters CEO Mark Gooday commented, “We collaborate closely on sound with the world’s finest musicians, so we know Adam well. When we decided to develop the M-Ear headphones, I knew the quality of his musicianship, and trusted his ears completely, so I asked him to advise and help determine the sound of the final design. And the results are every bit as good as I’d hoped.”


TEAC NR-7CD, 3998,-

09.10.2017, 12:18 Uhr

The sound quality of our equipment experts throughout the world was convincing even in the age of the tapes. Today, we combine our passion for sound with the latest features for transmitting audio signals over networks and advanced audio technology. TEAC presents New Vintage ...

The network CD player NR-7CD with integrated amplifier is the first model of our Reference 7 series. Its high-resolution reproduction is testament to the many years of experience that TEAC has gained through the development of high-quality and professional audio equipment.
Starting with high-resolution master audio sources such as DSD over the classic albums that lie in your CD shelf, right up to the enormous music selection available online, this unit fulfills every expectation.
Despite its multifunctionality the device convinces in every area by an outstanding performance. It has a fully symmetrical dual-mono configuration on all stages - from the DA converter to the power amplifier. Experts are involved in the manufacturing process from soldering to assembly. The label "Made in Japan" promises detail and sound quality, which is appropriate for our reference series.
This network CD player with built-in amplifier combines the TEAC sound, which has proven itself in professional audio environments for decades, with a design which is known for this long tradition and is thus a new era.



29.08.2017, 12:33 Uhr

Acoustic Energy – Sound and tradition


For more than 30 years, Acoustic Energy has been developing internationally renowned loudspeakers. Countless awards underline our high innovative power and unbroken enthusiasm. Based on sound studio demands, all Acoustic Energy models combine pure sound with pure fascination and timelessly elegant design - all at an attractive price!

 Discover all the series by HiFi Forum Michael Preul. More informations with prices see speakers.

SERIE 100.

SERIE 300:


SERIE 500:


Changing the opening times

25.07.2016, 13:20 Uhr

Due to a service call, the workshop will be closed on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In emergencies: 0049-172-6800245





20.04.2016, 10:52 Uhr

In the commemoration year of the great English artist, I offer you a milestone in recording history. 35 slipcase with 118 records. Very good condition, washed with Loricraft PRC 03. Only together. € 598.00


13.08.2015, 15:41 Uhr

The UDP411 embraces movie and music playback, offering outstanding performance in both disciplines. Unlike most BluRay machines music from SACDs and CDs is delivered with outstanding quality while movie performance with either 2D or 3D films is to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcam’s unique and hard won engineering expertise the UDP411 delivers a truly emotional portrayal of your favourite discs, delivering blockbuster experiences straight to your arm chair.

  • PRICE: € 1198,- included VAT

Maria Callas

03.06.2015, 11:25 Uhr

The diva ist back. All studio recording remastered in 96 Khz/24 bit. Avaible at 19.09.2014.
Box with 69 CDs. € 198,00


03.06.2015, 11:21 Uhr

Saarbrücken, one of the most bussines town's of the world

03.06.2015, 11:19 Uhr

03.06.2015, 11:18 Uhr

DCS only the music*

03.06.2015, 11:17 Uhr
Dozens of reviews around the world confirm the musical qualities and focus on the future of the British manufacturer. 
Whether CD, SACD, stream or USB always up to date because see other providers 
quite old already made??. 

* My first love (Michael Preul)


03.06.2015, 11:10 Uhr

The latest development from JRDG, the Continuum S2 convinced with 
its natural musicality and wonderful readings. 2 x 400W at 8 Ohms 
and a power consumption of less than 30 W (idle). 
Two fantastics reviews accompany this skill. See Audio Beat 1/2014 
and hifi & records 1/2014. 

Now in the demonstation, listening desired by appointment.

02.06.2015, 17:57 Uhr

02.06.2015, 17:48 Uhr

Webpage Relaunch

02.06.2015, 17:28 Uhr
On the 01.01.2008, we relaunched an all-new internet site.
Now you get an access to all our assortment and special offers.
Kind regards,
Michael Preul